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Nature’s way

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Moving more and more with natures rhythm means many times: not knowing.

A month ago our black chicken wanted to breed again. We were astonished. Again? Before winter? Would the small ones survive? 4 babies came out. She left the other eggs, so we took them away after a day, already cold, to clean the nest. We found out many other eggs contained small embryo’s. From that moment on we knew the baby roosters of last spring are growing up and already mating with the older chickens. What a surprise. If we had known, for sure we would have tried to keep the eggs warm to see what happened. But we didn’t.

Every time, we learn something new, and every time we know that it is just happening like this in this specific situation. Maybe next time it will be completely different, so there is no fixed answer.

It makes you curious like a child again: Let’s give it a try and see what happens.

It makes you change your behavior: Next time, for sure we will check better. It helps you to not blame yourself: You simply don’t know, you learn, do it differently next time and move on. And it makes you grateful and humble to see new life appearing where you thought maybe it was not possible.

Working closer with nature shows you so many things.

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