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Our dream

An economy
in line with nature

We believe in a new economy, driven and created by people like you and me, simply by living it.
Nature offers abundantly in each moment. It takes care of everything, all of the time. We are part of this. On the other hand, our current economical and societal system is a system of poverty, power, control and abuse. We want to see this change.
If we would behave more like nature, there would be expansion, care, and working together.
At the same time, we simplify. We only buy what we really need, preferring local suppliers. We buy from those who support our values and vision, keeping nature more intact, choosing care instead of exploitation. We do a lot without money. We exchange and give freely, becoming less dependent on any system.
We make decisions that support the benefit of the whole.

Over the years, our mindset changed from individual thinking to communal care. If you look closely at nature, you see a perfect harmonious collaboration, where everyone plays their role and at the same time, is taken care of. We have been conditioned to put ourselves first, and we forgot about how we can transform our society when we combine forces and include our communities in our actions. 
We hope you are inspired by our project and that you will find your own way to contribute to this exciting future.

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