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Books that support a new economy

These two books are coming up soon! 

An economy where people are more important than money

E-book by Evi Maes

In this e-book Evi writes about our journey in Spain. A story with many challenges and learning curves, with beautiful encounters, deepening of relationships and magical moments. A journey towards a life based on human connections and social care where we set the tone of a new economy.

Our big family

Children's book by Evi Maes & Anabel Craps

Inspired by Natural farming, this book tells the story about how people long ago decided how to grow their food, based on an income for their family. But they forgot about their big family, nature, where everything and everyone is connected. An inspirational story about the transition we are making as a human race, towards living in line with nature again. With very colorful illustrations made by Anabel Craps. A beautiful collaboration! 

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