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How to do it yourself?

These programs offer you practical guidance to get started with natural farming. We will adjust them while we learn ourselves.

We have been hugely inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka and the practical information of Kutluhan Özdemir. With this as a foundation, we add our own experience of what we learn every day, specifically for the dry climate we live in.​

Choose what you would like to give as appreciation. 

Your money will be reinvested in natural farming and the basic needs of our community.​

Starting a NF vegetable garden

Learn practically how to set up your own natural farming vegetable garden and manage it the whole year round.

How to make and use seed balls

A practical step by step guide about how to make seed balls and what to do with them.

Growing real trees

What is stratification? What is the difference between real and non real trees? And how to grow them yourself?

Coming soon!
Mulching trees

Help your trees during the hot summer months and mulch properly.

Coming soon!
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