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Food autonomy

Through natural farming

At the moment we have three different gardens available. Every garden has its own challenges, and we start from dry, depleted areas, but slowly we are transforming all of them in thriving systems that produce food for our local communities and contribute to a healthy soil.

Online courses

Natural farming shows us how simply trusting nature creates an abundance of food and contributes to a healthy and living soil. Instead of trying to control and manipulate, we leave it up to nature.


There is no plowing, weeding, use of chemicals, fertilizing or pruning needed. We start with helping the soil to become rich, fertile and alive again. The soil is hungry so we feed her by sowing plenty of green manure crops that will become a layer of mulch. After 4-5 years, we will have a fertile soil.

Through many years of observation,  Masanobu Fukuoka developed the natural farming method or ‘do-nothing farming’. He was very known for the re-vegetation of desertified areas. 

The system is based on the recognition of the complexity of living organisms that shape an ecosystem. Fukuoka saw farming not just as a means of producing food but as an aesthetic and spiritual approach to life, the ultimate goal of which was ‘the cultivation and perfection of human beings’.

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