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What we envision

We believe in a new economy, driven and created by people like you and me, simply by living it.

Nature offers abundantly in each moment. It takes care of everything, all of the time. We are part of this. On the other hand, our current economical and societal system is a system of poverty, power, control and abuse. We want to see this change.


If we would behave more like nature, there is expansion, care, and working together.

At the same time, we simplify. We only buy what we really need, preferring suppliers who are local. We buy from those who support our values and vision, keeping nature more intact. Choosing care instead of exploitation.

Making decisions that support the future.

Over the years our mindset changed from individual thinking to communal care. If you look closely at nature, you see a perfect harmonious eco system, where everyone plays a role and is taken care of. We have been conditioned to put ourselves first, and we forgot about how we, when we combine forces and include our communities in our actions, can transform our society. 


We hope you are inspired by our project and that you will find your own way to contribute to this exciting future.

We dream of a world

where nature is the basis of our economy


Our Story

Hi, we are Evi and Matthias.

We met each other almost 6 years ago, got married, learned there are many differences between our Belgian and Dutch cultures and decided 2 years ago to live a different life somewhere in the mountains in South Spain. We knew we wanted a life more in line with nature, to grow our own food and to live more in connection with others. A life where money is less important, and human connections more. We had to learn a new language and adapt to a different culture. We had to learn, and are still learning!, how to cultivate food in a dry area on the verge of desertification. How to integrate in a new country and build new relationships. 

Our organization, In line with nature,

is continuously moving and responding to whatever is happening around us.


Some people are wondering what we exactly do? What is our core focus? What are we specialized in? For us, action in line with nature is unpredictable. We never know what is going to happen, but in each moment we make a decision. Do we want to contribute? Yes or no? How are we going to do that in a practical way? Sometimes it is a piece of land that is going to be sold to people who want to abuse it and we just can not allow this to happen. Sometimes it is a response to the needs of the people around us. Sometimes it is a response to a deep wish of a local entrepreneur. An invitation, a question, an offer, an idea, a happening,…  With holding covering basic needs, supporting locally and encouraging the next generation in mind, we surf the waves we encounter and create the economy we want to see. 

Evi Maes - In line with nature

Seeing how nature grows, the abundance of seeds it is providing, how it takes care of all beings. I love expansion. At one point I just couldn't do nothing. Seeing our current economy going on and on with so many people being abused, lacking their basic needs, nature being damaged and exploited for... What actually? A world many people don't want to fit in any more. I felt we needed to look around us again and start local. See how we can change our local systems from the ground up. Understanding that relationships between people are the most important and are the basis for doing business together. It is my joy to connect, to invent new things, to be stubborn and investigate territory others don't dare to, or to speak up. Living a life without compromise and contribute to a new economy.

Matthias Arentsen - In line with nature

Friendship and appreciation are for me the driving force for a new economy: a fair and sincere exchange between people. I like to be in situations where people connect more deeply and I like to work on smart (digital) solutions that give people the freedom to do what they want to do.

For me, life is an adventure full of beauty and new discoveries. Curiosity, an eye for detail and for people, creativity and making things beautiful suit me. From a young age I was fascinated by creativity through moving images and sound. In addition to In line with nature, I am active as a website developer and video maker at Revolutionary Design. I help people with websites, donation systems, online applications, videos, technical support, and so on.

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