About Us


With combined enthusiasm, we choose a different way of living and doing business. More and more, we follow our own nature, seeing that established in daily life through different actions and decisions. We live and work completely by donation, showing it is possible to step out of a system and being part of something very exciting. 


Our Story

It all started in May 2020, following the inner impulse to plant a few seeds in the ground. In Line With Nature, was born. Many things have arisen from that spontaneous action.

A community, a large vegetable garden, a seed library and inspirational video's and events.

In September 2021 we moved to Spain, where we are currently settling in our new location to sow new seeds for the future. From here we will start our new adventure, creating a food forest, vegetable garden and developing the existing community of neighbors.

For us, Nature’s principles are key to a new economy.

In Line With Nature develops new trading and exchange systems, we bring people together, support the future generation, inspire, and deepen our experience with the principles of nature by growing our own food and putting our love and dedication into the soil.

Follow us on our journey!


Evi & Matthias