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Why donation?

At a certain point, we started to understand the madness of our current society, when we connected closer with nature, and experienced the abundance of this natural system, where everyone and everything has its rightful place. 

Once that connection became stronger, we just couldn't do anymore what we had been doing for a long time. Our priorities changed. We started to act more out of compassion, care and contribution instead of running a life with an endless, restless consuming mindset which did not match with who we truly were. 

Nature is generously abundant, it excludes no one, but provides for and takes care of everyone. We have been deeply touched by this.

Working by donation is based on the same generosity. We share and act where we feel it is needed in order to create what we want to see coming to life in this world. 

For us, a new economy is all about inclusion.

We want everything we offer to be available for everyone, regardless of someone’s personal and financial circumstances, just like nature, while we trust you to appreciate what we do.

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