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We are beginning to realize more and more the impact we have.

* The doctor who allows a few patients each month to donate to projects that touch his heart instead of paying for the consultation to him and one patient who chose In line with nature.

* The woman who sold donated ceramics from a store that had been discontinued and donated the money to our organization.

* The woman who sells tomato plants and gets such a positive response when people hear that the money goes to In line with nature that they want to give more.

* The woman who gave a donation after being deeply touched by the realization that she could do what she wanted with her garden after a heartwarming conversation.... 

What a gift for us to receive your wonderful stories! To see how creative you all are. This is how freely given works! 

Thank you so much! For your trust, your generosity, care and love! 

We will do such wonderful things with it!

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