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The next generation 

In the neighboring village it is an honor to play in the local band. From a very young age children exercise really hard until that moment that they are allowed to play in the official band. Last week, the band went up the street and visited each house of the fourteen new young members. There, with their families all dressed up and proud, a picture was taken together with the mayor and the band leader, and they were officially welcomed as band members. In the end, they made a picture of the whole group. 

We passed by without even knowing what was going on. Until someone told us about this beautiful tradition. ‘Grab your camera. ‘ I said to Matthias. ‘This is such a precious moment for them and amazing if you can make a small reminder.’ So he did. He created this short spontaneous video. We were only able to catch a few moments, as it was completely unprepared, but so in line with our vision to support young people’s gifts and talents. 

With tears in my eyes I witnessed this precious moment; being welcomed in the world of adulthood. Belonging. It reminded me a bit of the ancient tribes, where rituals were common to celebrate the transition from childhood into adulthood. So glad we captured this moment and our village keeps this celebration alive. #youngsters #inlinewithnature #music #community 

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