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#8 November 2023: Planting a wind break

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

We live in a very windy area, on a mountain side. This means that a lot of our plants and trees are affected by strong winds, especially in the cold winter months and very dry summer months.

When we heard Panos Manikis talking about the importance of wind breaks a few weeks ago, we just clicked and felt ‘This is what we are going to do!’. So we waited until we had enough resources to buy a few plants, found a local forestal nursery with evergreen shrubs and started to plant a natural hedge as a wind break on the first part of the land.

We planted viburnum, wild olive, Ilex, cypress, crataegus, rhamnus alaternus, tetraclinis and pistachio lentiscus to create a wide variety of plants.

Besides that, we planted many more trees like Elm, pomegranate, wild cherry, wild apple, nettle tree, sorbus doméstica, sumak, honey trees, hazelnuts, sorbus aria and carob.

We protected all of them with straw and gave the soil a little boost with local ecological sheep and goat manure (1 year old).

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