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Nature surprises you

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

We grew over 30 plants on the big pile of manure. They started promising, but in June it rained so much, there was no pollination and the flowers died. When summer started, it seemed like we would have no pumpkins at all. We discussed if we would irrigate them as we only had one tank of rain water to keep our trees and vegetables alive. We decided not to give them up and water them once a week. In September, the plants started to flower again. We have been very lucky that the first frost only kicked in this week, so the fruits could ripe longer. Most of them are small, but after believing it was better to give them up, nature surprised us and proved us wrong! Today we also received a gift from local growers: a pumpkin 3 times the size of our biggest one.

Through our journey we understand more and more how strong nature is. It surprises us continuously. It provides more than you think and then, gifts you exactly with what you need and even more.

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