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Newsletter July 2022 - Staying strong

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Hello you! Spain knows one of the hottest summers ever and all plants are having a very difficult time, cooping with this intense heat.

Sometimes it feels like our actions don't bear much fruit, and it feels easier to give up. However, we don't know what is happening beneath the soil, how plants are rooting, if they will adapt and grow stronger next year. There is so much more than the eye can see on the outside.

So it is with life. We ourselves, are growing stronger with each difficulty arising, being challenged to find new, practical solutions.

For us, this month is all about water. Finding solutions for what seemed like a huge mistake. On our Telegram channel we share more about how we cope with our water 'mistakes'. You find the video here.

And we are very excited that our Food Wallet App will be available in both English and Spanish very soon! A community in Costa Rica is enthusiastic to use it to connect people to exchange/trade/sell food. Our app can play such an important role to help people covering their basic needs. You can use this technology as well!

We hope wherever you are and whatever is happening in your life, you find this extra push inside to keep going, relativize and trust. Knowing your roots are growing stronger every day.


Evi & Matthias

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