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A video clip for Manu and Ruggero

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

After the video of the concert a couple of weeks ago, Matthias was encouraged to make a more intimate video for the young musicians who live in the community house. This time, during daytime, with more light.

Supporting young people is — besides food, community strengthening and contributing to a new local economy — one of our key focus points. Many of these youngsters don’t have a lot of financial resources. They don’t feel like fitting in society and it can often be quite difficult for them.

We really believe that this next generation needs to be encouraged to do what they want to do, as they all have keys inside them for a different future. Music and art are just a few of the talents they bring with them. Talents so valuable for soothing emotions; they bring joy and carry messages of hope. So we shared our time and gifts with them and gifted them this video.

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