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Supporting local producers

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

When we want to see change around us, we need practical action to make that change happen. We repeat things until that moment when we decide it is enough, and we want something else.

We break through something which is familiar, but maybe also not what we really want, and dive into new territory.

We are building bonds with the local producers, asking them about their needs, how we can support. Most people have been doing what they are doing for many years. It is so, because so it is. But what if it is not?

We like to break through these endless cycles and open a new fresh perspective, which makes something else possible.

Finding out how people get a real appreciation for their harvest and work. Valuing the products in a different way. Working together with partners with the same mindset.

All this and much more behind the scenes.

Something is brewing!

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