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Trusting nature

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

I love picking up rocks on our land. Stone by stone. Not with machines, but by hand. Feeling the soil under my fingers. Observing life underneath. Making space for something else to grow. Some places are very dry, others are more moist. It helps me to connect more and more with this piece of land, to have a glimpse how it works, how nature works.

We got advice to use a machine. It goes much quicker. I don’t want to use machines, knowing their weight damages the soil. I love just me and the earth. Timeless.

Reading Fukuoka strengthens my own feelings about our current economy and food system. It encourages me to share more about how we live and what we believe. How every conscious action contributes to a different future.

We are at the start of something new, a food forest. The mind comes up with many different ideas we saw in inspiring video’s. Techniques to make compost, fertilizer, no dig,… Things which helped us in the past to grow our own vegetables. But now, something else invites me. As if nature itself asks to be trusted, without human interference. Without science or fancy material. Remembering how nature, when undisturbed is a perfect balanced system providing abundance for every living being.

I am invited again to trust my own nature, and to remember how we can co-create in harmony again.

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