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The start of a new garden

For us, water is there to provide for the community’s basic needs. The sad story in Spain is very different. There is so little water and that is used irresponsibly: wasted water, water for touristic swimming pools and hotels, water for abusive commercial farming, water for solar panel fields to keep the dust of the panels. It is a crazy world. 

And what about the people who just dream about restoring the planet and doing good? Having their own vegetable gardens to grow healthy food for communities and restore the soil balance? A lot of times, they lack water, or there is water but it is not being shared. All this might feel overwhelming. What can we do? It all seems so fucked up. 

We start with what is right in front of us. In our case: the possibility to use an abandoned vegetable garden with water rights. It means cleaning up a jungle of blackberries. A hell of a job, but also a possibility for our community to grow our own food, use the available water in a beneficial way for everyone and being an example of a different way of living.

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