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Straw bales

I woke up this the morning realizing we needed straw for the chicken coop, to protect the real trees we are going to plant, to insulate the worm farm and for the new natural farming garden. I felt calling one of the neighboring pastors. He said they were about to deliver a truck full of straw today and we could pick it up. What a coincidence. 😉

All prices are rising tremendously and also transport is getting more and more expensive.

‘We are neighbors’ he said. ‘Let’s help each other. You can have 20 bales, and when I need a hand, I’ll let you know.’

So beautiful being able to do more and more things in exchange. For the moment, we still need a lot of external resources, as the land is still in transition, but over time, also this will change. So happy with this wonderful opportunity today. #inlinewithnature #exchange #neweconomy #communityofneighbors

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