Living and working on appreciation base

There is another way of living.

We can support ourselves in many different ways. There is a way out of the current, abusive and manipulative financial system.

And that new reality is based on people working together in an open and caring way, while keeping boundaries and your own space.

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Three years ago we decided to step out of the normal system and work on appreciation base.

It happened in a very natural way.


First we made the decision to leave our house.

We had lived almost two years without a house, staying with friends, family and strangers. In exchange for website development, personal sessions, animal caretaking, and many other creative things we could offer.

After that, we were so lucky having the opportunity to be part of an organisation that worked completely by donation. It was so exciting to learn more about this new way of interacting and sharing.

When we started In Line With Nature we knew, also our own organisation needed to be completely on appreciation base.

But how is it to work on appreciation base?

It has many forms and is very fluid. One thing is very obvious: there are people who want to co-create something beautiful together and this is the starting point for everything that comes afterwards.

When you feel excitement and joy to create something together, you naturally want to give each other appreciation for that. And that appreciation can have many forms, depending on the current situation of all parties involved.


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Exchange your gifts with others by donation and step out of the current financial system.

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Exchange food, share your land, find volunteers, work together and cover your basic needs.