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Political engagement

The spring in our hamlet to irrigate all the vegetable gardens downstairs is broken for over 5 years. Many attempts and discussions between neighbors lead to nothing. Besides that there is a social centre, which needs a reformation. I decided it was time to take things into our own hands. 

For a while, I felt to speak with the mayor directly and the moment Matthias went to the bakery to buy yeast for his weekly bread baking, my feet took me to the city hall. The mayor was willing to receive me. I spoke about the necessities of our little hamlet and he promised me to come over with the local architect. They did! The city hall will reform the exterior of the social centre, and they will break open the street in autumn to repair the spring!

They were both very touched by all the work we did. ‘Maybe we should give a premium for people wo contribute the most to the environment’ the mayor said. This brought tears to my eyes. A heartfelt recognition of care.

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