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We planted berries, grapes, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes and sowed oats, chickpeas, lentils, artichokes, sunflowers, beets and onions. We noticed that the straw cover was not high enough and a lot of weeds were coming through. There are also weeds everywhere in the seed rows, even though we have not yet seen any seeds emerging. Before we sow and plant in the other beds, we will lay down a thicker layer of straw and make holes instead of rows.

Many potatoes have been somewhat damaged by the cold. Curious how they will continue to grow. At this time we see no difference between the traditional planting method and last year's potatoes with shoots that we did not plant but covered with straw inspired by Ruth Stout and our own laziness.

So interesting to see how this new garden is developing. A different location with different challenges.

We will keep you posted!

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