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An association for the local women

We decided to start up an association for the local women, which will manage the social centre of our hamlet. Our focus points are: 

- Encourage women to develop and utilize their creativity and talents. 

- Support women to market their artisan products locally and legally.

- Sustain, revalue and disseminate artisan knowledge.

- Empowering women to constructively participate in thinking about and building the improvement of the social and natural environment. 

- Encourage connections and collaborations among women of all ages.

- Create opportunities for women of different ages and in different social situations to meet their own income and basic needs.

- Emotional support in crisis situations.

- Transcending differences in language, ethnicity, religion, age and other issues that create polarization.

Such a happy day today. Three women signed the statutes and foundation act. Welcome SOMUNA! 😍💃 #localsupport #socialengagement

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