​We believe in an economy based on appreciation, equality and togetherness.

How can we change the current economical landscape? We have to realize, it is all about us. WE can and have to make different decisions and act in a way that supports the change we want to see, instead of holding on to a structure we don't want to support any more. This is very practical.

In Line With Nature offers you inspiration, technology, and examples from our own experience that contribute to a new economy in the areas of different ways of (financial) exchange, food security, community, etc.

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Current project we support

El Regreso is the local community house, where a lot of people stayed. The doors where always open on donation base, so everyone has been welcome. Up until now the owner was able to pay all taxes from the donations, but due to leaks in the roof and the terrace there are severe damages in the house.  We stayed in this house during the reformations of our own house, building a relationship with the owner and coordinator, so we want to support them with the reformations by setting up a crowdfunding and spreading the word in our local network. 


We work completely on appreciation base

Inspired by the Freely given principle, everything we do, we do on appreciation base.

Giving becomes a thriving action of joy, supporting the change we want to see.

With your donations we can make this change happen in our own environment both locally and globally.