​We believe in an economy based on appreciation, equality and togetherness.

Times are changing fast. While old structures are falling away, we are creating, through very practical action, the change we would like to see.  Saying no to what we don't want, and choosing in each moment for what truly resonates. Let's build an exciting new future together!

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Safeguarding the Valley

Our commitment to protect the land, flora and fauna in our valley in Murcia will not be possible without your help. The threat of turning it into extensive farmland with the use of pesticides is imminent, so we have to ACT NOW!!! In mid-May 2022 it is planned to be owned by a company whose purpose is an economic benefit regardless of the damage caused to the balance of the land, waters and animals that inhabit it. With your solidarity, help, action, sensitivity we can safeguard this valley for the future generations and all living beings!! Collaborate, share, donate and so with the strength of the union let's save this place preserving its natural purity! Act now!!! We do not have time... THANK YOU!

We work completely by donation

Inspired by the Freely given principle everything we do, we do on appreciation base.

Every donation is used to re-invest in projects who benefit more people and contribute to a new economy.

Giving becomes a thriving action of joy, supporting the change we want to see.