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Contributing to 
a new economy

where people's basic needs are met,

human connections are more important than money

and we collaborate with nature.


A new economy starts within each one of us, simply by making different decisions. It is up to us, to make the changes we want to see in our society. It is up to us, to change our mindset from individualistic thinking to communal care. It is up to us, to be more aware of where we spend our resources and what we support. 

We bring the change we want to see in our local and global communities by caring for the earth and providing healthy food sources through natural farming, by supporting our local communities, putting people before money and by sharing how we do it and what we experience as example and inspiration. 

Evi & Matthias

About us

We have let go of many societal norms and have chosen a much simpler life than before. A life, much more in harmony with nature where basics and connections become more important. 

Evi & Matthias
In line with nature - green manure seeds

Support us

Inspired by Give as you wish, you can choose the amount you would like to give to appreciate our online courses, events, apps, videos and the work we do. You can also give a donation to support current necessities and bigger projects.

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