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Contributing to 
a new economy

Through very practical actions, we support an economy

where people's basic needs are met,

human interactions are more important than money

and people support each other.

 What we do, locally and globally 

Our actions are in line with a new economy we envision.

We focus on natural farming, strengthening and supporting our local community, encouraging youngsters to express themselves and we help to provide basic needs for our local environment and global network.


Everything we do is on donation base.

About us

Our journey started a few years ago with planting seeds in the soil. 

With combined enthusiasm, we choose a different way of living and business. More and more, we follow our own nature, seeing that established in daily life through different actions and decisions. We live and work completely by donation, showing it is possible to step out of a system and being part of something very exciting. 

Evi & Matthias
In line with nature - green manure seeds

Support us

Inspired by Freely Given, everything we do, we do on appreciation/donation base.

You can choose the amount you would like to give to appreciate our online programs about natural farming, our events, apps, videos and the work we do.

There is no minimum, so everything is accessible for everyone.

With your donations we are able to cover our overhead costs, we make change happen in our own communities both locally and globally and we support Natural Farming.

Giving becomes a thriving action of joy, supporting the change we want to see.

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