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The local Association of walnuts

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Where we live, walnuts are an important income for a lot of families. These specific walnuts are very high in antioxidants, because they grow in such an undisturbed environment. A lot of trees are centennials. The walnuts are grown naturally, harvested by hand and dried in the air.

A few people with a big heart for the local economy combined their forces and established the Association of walnuts to provide a selling platform for the locals.

This year the harvest has been very negatively influenced by the drought.

Many trees have so little produce, harvesting them is just not worth the costs, time and labor.

This is a disaster for people.

We are thinking creatively with them to find other ways. Right now, we are making a video to make the project more visible. People will be able to give a donation, to plant or adopt a tree, to secure the future generations.

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