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Community - Sharing land

While helping one of our neighbors with his apple trees, we spoke about our lack of irrigation water. “I have a piece of land you can cultivate on.” He said.

Just a few minutes from our house, there is a plot with irrigation rights and existing irrigation channels. Ready to start growing. “I will put a fence around it, to protect it from wild boars, and order manure. Think about it.”

This would be an amazing spot to cultivate chickpeas, some grains, sunflowers, potatoes and things that just don’t need much maintenance.

A few days ago, another neighbor, who comes only a few weekends a year, told us he might buy the plot next to our property, and a large vegetable garden down in the hub. He is also the owner of the abandoned garden with the blackberries we have been cleaning. “I don’t come here to cultivate” he said, “so we can do the same as with the other garden. I make a contract and you can use it.”

💓 #sharingland #inlinewithnature #community #selfsufficiency

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