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Making our own carport

Updated: May 15

We built this carport to protect our car against the heavy hail storms we usually get in August. We used mostly recycled materials and only bought some varnish, cement and screws. About half a year ago, we put four poles in the ground with the help of our neighbour, because that was all we had. The quotation only for the extra beams we needed to finish it was over €500, so we left it. Now, many months later, we were offered a lot of wooden beams by a neighbor who is rebuilding the interior of his house. We will use them to improve our little hamlet after we are done with the carport. Another six meter long beam we got from the foresters who are thinning out the forest to decrease the risk of forest fires. Some pallet wood for the roof we got for free or for very little from two local shops. It is so rewarding to see a vision come to life, using beautiful and natural materials.

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