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Image by Jed Villejo

We love to support young people's new ideas.


We know you have so much magnificence inside you, envisioning a completely different future than what you see right now in daily life. Maybe you are not understood or seen by people around you. Maybe others even think you are a bit crazy, but we like to stimulate that precious diamond you have inside and help you to let it blossom through taking practical action. 


If you are between 18 and 30, this is for you! 

Currently we are contributing to the crowdfunding which has been set up to reform a place where you can stay for some weeks. A hub in nature, surrounded by mountains. We have 6 bedrooms and space for 6 youngsters at a time.


We have experience with (and love) new financial and trading systems, start-up businesses, growing food, photography, dreaming big and making mistakes, keep going and not giving up, practical action, project management, webdesign, app development, music,... But more important, we are so curious about your idea and would love to give you a platform to make this happen. 

Soon we will post more info on this page.

Stay tuned!