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Image by Jed Villejo

We love to support young people's new ideas.

One of the things we love most is working with young people and support the next generation to share their brilliance with the world. 

This can have many forms. A short stay with us. An online chat. Working together on a project. Volunteering in our garden while we exchange our gifts, ...

If you want to know more? Please reach out!

Creating a new hub.

Creating a new hub.

While the community house further down the road has new inhabitants and is organizing its own projects, we would love to create our own beehive. A place where creative young people can stay, meet, visit, create, share and develop, while helping on the land, learning to grow their own food, learning practical skills, discovering more about natural farming... 

We would like to transfer an old house into a simple, practical, light, ecological and modern accommodation/meeting venue. The house itself is cheap, but still needs a lot of work. It is big enough to create 4 bedrooms with their own sink, a meeting area with kitchen, creative working space and sitting corner, and a shower/lavatory space. Matthias and I feel able to do a lot of the work ourselves (we have been rehearsing the last months ;-), bur for the main renovation we need help from a construction company. ) If you would like to contribute to this project through financial support so we are able to buy and transform it, please connect with us.

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