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A little help

We love to support young people's ideas and dreams.

Supporting young people is — besides food, community strengthening and contributing to a new local economy — one of our key focus points. Many of these youngsters don’t have a lot of financial resources. They don’t feel like fitting in society and it can often be quite difficult for them. 


We really believe that this next generation needs to be encouraged to do what they want to do, as they all have keys inside them for a different future. Music and art are just a few of the talents they bring with them. Talents so valuable for soothing emotions; they bring joy and carry messages of hope. 

The support can have many forms. A short stay with us. An online chat. Working together on a project. Volunteering in our garden while we exchange our gifts, ...

Are you a young adult and you want to know more? Please reach out!

Are you someone who wants to support this initiative? Please reach out too! 

Jana Mordhorst


We have been co-creating together with Jana. She is a very talented artist offers Eco-Design and Art in different forms. 

Such a wonderful exchange on appreciation base. Jana designed illustrations for FOOD WALLET and we help her with the development of her business.



Maria from Norway stayed with us for 2 weeks. This young lady with a beautiful voice (check her out on BandCamp) has been helping us and our community while she had the opportunity to find out more about her next steps in life and in her project.


English support for the local youngsters

We have been asked to give English classes to the young people and children in the neighboring village. Such a privilege to build bonds with these youngsters and help them to relax with a new language. As foreigners we for sure do know how difficult it can be to learn a new language. How can this be fun, creative, stimulating and encouraging? And what do they really want to learn, know, discover? 

We’ll see! 

Starting October 2nd.

Manu & Ruggero

A video clip for Manu and Ruggero.    

After the video of the concert a couple of weeks ago, Matthias was encouraged to make a more intimate video for the young musicians who live in the community house. 


A hive for youngsters

We would love to create a place where creative young people can stay, meet, visit, create, share and develop, while helping on the land, learning to grow their own food, learning practical skills, developing their art and music projects, discovering more about natural farming, ecological building, a new economy,... 


If you would like to contribute to this project through financial support, please connect with us.

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