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What do you buy?

A moment out: supporting the local organic juice bar.

Over the years we noticed how our shopping behavior is changing. Clothing, shoes and other things become less important in quantity, but more important in quality and origin. The same with food. We went from organic to organic & vegetarian to vegan growing (or at least more and more learning how to) our own food.

A lifestyle in line with nature is more than just sitting under a tree or going for a walk. What is the story behind everything you consume? Do you still feel ok with it? Which decision do you make? Would you do it different from now on?

Yes, organic fabrics, furniture bought at organisations supporting the planet, local organic shops are more expensive. But these goods also last longer and are often produced closer to home, which means less transport.

You would be surprised how much of the things you have you actually don’t really need.

A society build on consumers needs consumers to keep this model alive.

More and more people saying no to big companies, with the genuine desire to support small creative individuals. And the money you save here, can be reinvested somewhere else, while supporting something new.

Which shops do you like? Which individuals would you like to support? Is there an organic farm close to your house?

Have a look around and you'll be surprised.

In our library you find tips for ecological clothing, slow furniture, kitchen equipment,...

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