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The poverty of money

Working in my mothers garden while searching for a place in Spain

Our current money system is the poorest system our world knows. It divides, creates inequality and competitiveness. It stimulates individualism while togetherness gets lost. It creates fear, manipulation, lies and deceit. The amount of the transactions becomes the goal (the more, the better) while the interaction between people that could lift each other up gets lost in an idea of false wealth and security.

Even if there are a lot of numbers on our digital bank account, most of the times, there is still a feeling of not being good enough and insecurity. We believe wealth makes us happy, so we try even harder. And at the same time, we are all looking for one thing: Love, appreciation, togetherness and equality.

We long to meet each other in a place where all this doesn’t matter. A place where everyone’s basic needs are covered and the question: “How can we share the best of ourselves, creating a beneficial place for everyone involved, including nature?” arises.

So how can we birth this longing into action and create the vision we truly want to see?

Living by donation on appreciation base opens up a new possibility. It starts from a different point of view. We meet to create something together. We care about what the other needs. We care about the value the other offers. We meet as equals and decide to interact, helping both to flower. The meeting and interaction is the most valuable thing.

Instead of an empty exchange we go back to the core intent of connection. We lift each other and stimulate each others creativity.

This process asks for open communication, transparency, boundaries. It is completely different. In this dance of appreciation, we exchange in a form we agree on.

Money can be useful, it even can work in an uplifting way. When it is no longer the goal, but one of the ways to show your appreciation.

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