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Supporting our local economy - building bonds

Updated: Sep 14

Yesterday, we saw someone working in the fields close to our home. The man was about to make sage essential oil from the wild sage growing on the mountains. We had a great chat and he invited us to come the day after to watch the whole process. He gifted us a small bottle of essential oil and hydrolate, an amazing end product of the distillation process. Many are throwing it away, because they don’t understand the value and many benefits it has.

Later today, we received a telephone call from our neighbors. They had lunch in a nearby village and the owner of the restaurant also owns a distillery. She asked if we could come over to meet them. All together we visited the distillery and they offered us hydrolate, from lavandin this time. Waiting for the can, when everyone left, we were able to connect a bit deeper with the owners of the company. One of them made a beautiful bouquet. They gifted us 2 bottles of lavender and wild lavender oil.

Hydrolates can be used for cleaning, washing your clothes, in the bathtub, as an air spray, to refresh yourself,…

In the video you see the small distillery close to our home. A wood oven heats the water in a pressure cooker with a large quantity of plants. The steam is released and cooled down. Then a mixture of the oil with the hydrolate comes in to a can, where the water is taken out from the bottom and the oil floats to the top. When there is enough oil, the tap gets closed and the water pushes the oil to the top where it is drained. This whole process takes up to 7 hours for one batch.

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