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Acting in line with nature

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Swimming in a small natural pond, feeling the aliveness of joy

Nature is never judging, always present in the moment. It doesn’t care about the future, it is in continuous evolution, for the survival of the species. What is no longer needed dies in a natural way. Nothing is killed or harmed for pleasure, only to survive. There is no conscious harm done. Nature moves with itself. It reacts to the impulses it receives. It grows steadily, rooting underground before hitting the fan, showing its beauty on the other side of the soil in open air.

There is a tremendous beauty in this spectacle, which seems so difficult for us to comprehend.

We lost our beauty. We lost connection with the natural process. We forgot that our own core carries everything we need to grow into our full potential and blossom. We found structure instead of freedom. We were manipulated instead of being freely loved. We adapted another system, while nature as always, moved on in a natural way. We became unnatural versions of ourselves. Seeking everything outside.

To act in line with nature, we open ourselves up again to see beyond everything that has been man made.

We start to understand this other natural law, which always supports and invites us in each moment to return back to our own roots. We trust the perfect timing, knowing that when resistance is fading, a genuine desire arises to act more in line with nature. We know that evolution will bring us back to what and who we always were meant to be in a natural way.

We re-discover our own nature.

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