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  • Evi Maes

Food as REvolution

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Our supermarkets are full of fresh fruit and vegetables. But how conscious are we when we buy our food? And what is the impact when we buy fruit and veggies, that traveled the whole world to get to the shelves? Are we aware of the fact how much money the farmer earned? Are we aware of how normal farming is a direct attack on the soils of our earth? How we poison ourselves with pesticides? How our tax money is invested in paying back private loans and the earnings of farmers are lower than the grants they received? Do we know how many pesticides are sprayed on the products to keep them fresh and protect them against diseases?

The beginning of our journey: our first strawberries in my grandparents garden

Starting to grow my own vegetables I realized: This is a natural process. This takes time. The zucchini or courgette we buy in the supermarket is seasonal and only ripe from July to September where we live. It took six months to grow from a seed to a fruit! It needed water, sun, care and the forces of nature to ripen. The fruits are all differently shaped. Time and patience. Love. Connection. Presence.

And yet, we expect that we can buy anything these days, without the understanding that this expectation has an impact on everything around us.

When we become more aware of how nature works, we understand that food is the REvolution to build a new society. We can change the impact on our soil. We can choose which system we support: nature’s system or the damaging system that harms us all. We can grow our own seeds out of our own vegetables. We can show our children how to take care of our planet and how they can grow healthy food, both for the planet and ourselves. We can share the abundance of nature with our neighbors and loved ones.

We once again take healthy control over what we put in our body. And re-align with nature itself.

I know we are not used to do this any more. It might seem a huge step for you to even start growing something. It is not necessary to follow a permaculture course, or spend lots of money on education. Just start with putting organic seeds in the ground and see what happens. Nature itself will show you the way. And with love, care and presence. It will reward you in ways you couldn’t imagine.

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