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There is an infinite abundance around us

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Wild grape picking by Matthias

There is an infinite abundance around us, which we realize when we take a moment to pause and have a deeper look. It is called: the system of nature.

When everything works together in a natural way, there is never shortage. We ourselves are creating shortage, by trying to manipulate the way nature works.

In spring I planted one tiny rocket salad seed. Due to the very hot summer, the plant ‘overshoot’ after a few weeks, so it was useless to eat. What would happen if I just let it grow further, I wondered. So it took a whole summer and a bit of autumn to produce flowers and eventually seeds. When I harvested them, there were a thousand (!) seeds, coming out of this one little plant. When I looked at the salad in the ground during spring, I probably would have taken it out of the ground. Useless and bitter to eat. But my patience and trust gave the plant the time to multiply into a thousand new opportunities.

That is how nature works.

What we see as ‘useless’, can be an opportunity for the future. What we throw away can feed hundreds of people.

Understanding this principle, I started to ask myself other questions. What is going on in this world? How come, when nature is so generous, there is still shortage? Why are there people who don’t have food? How did we end up with a system that controls what we eat and gives us the impression we are deciding for ourselves?

An excitement grew. Knowing there is another way.

When we apply this principle into our daily lives or businesses, we can shape a completely new economy based on abundance for everyone.

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