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A new way of growing

Spain consists of monoculture, plowed fields and little diversity.

While driving through the arid Murcian landscape you see a blade of green here and there, a blade of hope.

People think they are working together with nature, but in the long run they will harvest poverty instead of abundance.

Harvest is seen as a means of creating money. There is exploitation of the earth, of raw materials, to fulfill illusionary needs. Growing what thrives in depleted soil, irrigation and fertilization is thought to be the only way to work with the soil. Instead, even more scarcity is created in the long run.

There is hope.

Hope that lies in restoring the natural balance by understanding that our actions are not in line with nature.

By letting nature do her job. By sowing diversity where scarcity reigns. By changing our mindset and choosing local production that provides the people and animals around us with abundance.

The earth becomes a large growing place where free food grows everywhere.

We have this power in our own hands. Plant trees, throw seed bombs wherever you can with as many varieties as possible. Help nature on its way so that it can take over again and will slowly but surely bring back into balance what was damaged by us.

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