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We dream a world
where nature is the base for our economy.

What we envision

We believe in a new economy, driven and created by people like you and me.

When you understand what nature offers in each moment, you understand that our current economical system is a system of poverty, power and abuse. We want to see this change.


If we act more in line with nature, there is more than enough for everyone.

We create a system of expansion, of care, and co-creation.

When you look at nature, it works the same. There is no shortage. Nature takes care and co-creates with all the elements involved all the time. We are part of this.

At the same time we simplify, only buying what we really need, choosing suppliers who are local and support our values and vision, keeping nature more intact. Choosing co-creation instead of exploiting.

Making decisions which support the future and economy we want to see.

We support our local community, so everyone's basic needs are covered. 

These times invite us to combine forces and to work together towards this vision.

We need to unite and choose what we really want, making that happen by concrete and practical actions. 

We hope to inspire you with our project and hope you find your own way to contribute to this exciting future.

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