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A natural vegetable garden in start up phase
Seed balls

Starting with natural farming
June 7, 2023, 8:00 pm GMT +2 (Spanish time)
Live online event with Evi

Natural farming is a journey and invites you to connect deeper and deeper with your own self. In the first stages, it challenged me to let go the ideas I had about cultivating, profit, what is good and bad, techniques, and much more. 

Trusting more and more the process of nature. Reading about seed balls, manure, straw, and 'doing nothing', and then applying it very practically.

In this event, I share my own experiences with the difference between natural farming and anything else I have been doing and most of all about my unfolding inner journey.

Following topics will be included:

- How I came into contact with natural farming

- Why it resonated so deeply

- The first practical steps on our depleted land

- Challenges (land/climate and mind)

- Practical tips that meant a huge difference

- There are no mistakes.

- Being mild and loving with myself. 

- Letting go of manipulation, expectation and receiving it as a gift.

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