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Laboratory Natural Farming
11-12 March 2023
You can receive audio and video recordings of this event.

There is a way of growing our food, which is so much in harmony with nature, it reconnects us with our own nature again. 

The Japanese Masanobu Fokuoka (2 February 1913 – 16 August 2008), author of among others, ‘One straw revolution’ and ‘Sowing seeds in the desert', dedicated his life to the development of exploring this method of “do-nothing-farming” and the re-vegetation of desertificated lands. 

This system is based on the recognition of the complexity of living organisms that shape an ecosystem and deliberately exploiting it. Fukuoka saw farming not just as a means of producing food but as an aesthetic and deeply philosophical and spiritual approach to life.

About Kutluhan

Kutluhan Özdemir traveled and lived all over the world between 2014-2021 on natural farms started by students from Masanobu Fukuoka (the founder of Natural Farming).

Since 2019 he lives in Italy, where he bought land and practices natural farming on his own Natural Farm. This year there has been no rain since april and without irrigation or watering, there is a rich harvest. Kutluhan founded the Natural Farming Center Associacion to spread the method of natural farming. He travels where he is invited, with a warm heart for places which are desertificated, and shares his experience. He started projects in Africa, South America en different places in Italy and Europe.





Welcome moment

Introduction to Natural Farming. Information about real trees, pruning, awakening the soil, seeds,...

Questions and answers.




How to start your own ‘do-nothing’ farm or vegetable garden? 

We will prepare a piece of land on the new finca of Heidi and Paco from Biosegura (which is in transformation becoming ecological) with straw, hay and manure and learn how to make seed bombs with clay and green manure crops which you can take home.

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Some pictures about the weekend

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