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Update: One year on the mountain in Spain.
May 27, 2023 - Watch the replay
Live online event with Q&A

This event is all about our personal journey here in Spain. 

One year ago, we landed here on this mountain, a place we couldn't have imagined.

Two foreigners in an almost empty mountain hamlet. We fell in love with the mountains, raw nature, water streams and with the people around us. 

We took a deep desire with us: Living more self-sufficiently, in line with nature. Seeing a place coming to live with like minded people who work and create together. And supporting the next generation of young people to be inspired and go out in the world.

Slowly we see this dream come to life, but not in the way we thought. It happens in a way that includes everyone. An amazing thing to watch unfold.

It has been a year of hard work, learning many new skills, a lot of difficulties, growing friendships, learning how to communicate (in another language), persistence, letting go and practical action. 


How do we make decisions?

What are we doing on a daily base? Where are our focus and priorities?

How do we contribute in our own community? And how does the community support one another?

How do we live on donation base? Doing as much as we can without money?

Why are practical matters becoming much more important?

How do we grow from thinking individually to including everyone's needs?

And a lot more!


You will be able to ask questions live.

This event will be recorded, if you can't join us live, you will be able to watch the replay.

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