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Green manure seeds - In line with nature

In the middle of a rocky and dry area
we made the conscious decision to trust nature again.

It is a transformative journey, both for the soil and for ourselves. We adapt more and more to the rhythm of nature, we gain confidence and learn to surrender. We understand that we are not just cultivating for production, but that we are contributing to the improvement of the soil, investing in the future and that we are reconnecting with our natural selves.

Land now with a lot of green manure.jpeg

Start  december 2021

  • 7200 m2 (1.9 acre) dry depleted soil with 150 almond trees planted in rows. 

  • Stones everywhere.

  • No water for irrigation, only harvested rain water.

Practical action (2022-2023)

  • Removing the rocks manually 2022.

  • Planting 150+ new trees 2022.

  • Starting with natural farming spring 2023.

  • Sowing green manure spring & autumn 2023 and spring 2024 (200kg seeds/hectare).

  • Covering the soil with straw.

  • Making nests for the trees with straw.


  • Less weeds

  • Soil improvement

  • Many trees are surviving, but growing very slowly

  • New planting coming up: Paulownia & berries

Starting a natural food forest

A natural vegetable garden in start up phase

A natural farming vegetable garden with terraces