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Green manure seeds - In line with nature

Natural farming awakens the soil, restores and prevents desertified areas
and contributes to a healthy biodiverse planet.

In the middle of a very rocky and dry area we made the conscious decision to trust nature again.

Being inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka we knew there would be: No plowing, no weeding, no fertilizing and no chemicals.

No pruning for the new sown trees and no irrigation after 4-5 years. 

A small natural farmgarden of 7500m2, based on the principles of natural farming.

We focus on 2 projects: a natural food forest and a natural vegetable garden.

A transformational journey

Land now with a lot of green manure.jpeg

Starting a natural food forest

Transforming a rocky dry almond piece of land into a luscious natural food forest without any experience.

It takes some time, patience, learning curves, perseverance, good cries and a lot of laughter. 

Here you can read how we are doing this step by step. 

A natural vegetable garden in start up phase

A natural farming vegetable garden

This garden is specifically for our piece of land, which has an inclination. That is why we decided to build terraces. Follow the progress of the vegetable garden and the improvement of the soil quality. 

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