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Welcome to the development of our Natural Farm

In the middle of a very rocky and dry area we made the conscious decision to trust nature again.

Being inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka we knew there would be: No plowing, no weeding and no chemicals.

No pruning for the new sown seeds and no irrigation after 4-5 years. 

A small natural farmgarden of 7500m2, based on the principles of natural farming.

The first step to change this depleted piece of land is awakening the soil. This will be the base for healthy trees to grow. Slowly the land will come to live. More plants will be able to survive this extremer climate. Find out how we do this. 


A journey

Nature has its own rhythm and takes time.

We can not expect that a depleted piece of land will turn into an oasis just by throwing a few seed balls.

It asks love, dedication, presence, observation and natural action. 

Winter 2021

Land before

Land before

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