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Welcome to the development of our Natural Farm


Food is supposed to be healthy, abundant, fresh, contributing to the health of the soil, available for everyone.

We have been far removed from nature, and the closest to live and cultivate in harmony with nature itself, is natural farming.

We decided to turn our piece of land into a natural farm, based on the principles of Masanobu Fukuoka's natural farming.

We will share surplus harvest with the people around us to support our local community's basic needs, but first we will transform this dry piece of land into a flowering Food Forest.

How are we doing this?

After finishing it, we moved into our house end of June 2022, so very recently.

Last winter, we already had access to the land of 7500 m2. We planted many trees and removed the rocks from the first part of the land. This summer, we created a small vegetable garden, set up a greenhouse and a worm farm to provide for our own basic needs and to see how the plants are growing in this Spanish mountain climate. We have been able to already share some of it with neighbors and friends. Now, we are ready for the next steps to turn the land slowly into a natural farm.

Right now:

Garden update

Garden update

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Next up:

- Finishing the fence with recycled pallets

- Finishing the chicken coop out of recycled window frames. 

- Finishing the new vegetable garden

- Making sure our water needs are covered

- Sowing a cover crop.

- Transforming the land in a natural farm. 

On our wishlist:

- Creating a lodging for volunteers and young people

- Planting a lot of supportive trees

- Restoring the spring 

Before and after

The evolution of our front yard July 2022 - September 2022