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Welcome to the development of our Natural Farm

In the middle of a very rocky and dry area we made the conscious decision to trust nature again.

Being inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka we knew there would be: No plowing, no weeding and no chemicals.

No pruning for the new sown seeds and no irrigation after 4-5 years. 

A natural farm, based on the principles of natural farming.

Food is supposed to be healthy, abundant, fresh, contributing to the health of the soil, available for everyone.

Natural farming is a gateway to reconnect with what we have been removed from and live a completely different life, in harmony with nature itself.

Surplus food  will be shared with our community. 

Enjoy the journey with us!

Awakening the soil

The first step for us to change this depleted piece of land is awakening the soil. The soil is hungry and we can support it best with giving it lots of different food. In autumn (September - October) we sow a variety of green manures that can survive our cold winter nights. (-15 degrees celcius). In spring before the rains, we sow another variety of different green manures. The roots will break the soil open and the plants will fertilize it. All in a natural way.

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Right now:

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Mulching trees

In a climate with almost no rain, we mulch the trees up to elbow height with straw, hay and leaves. This will keep them moist in summer (absorbing water when it rains and releasing it when it is dry), improve the soil and reflect the sunlight. When we have very small trees (15-30cm) or grow trees from seeds we mulch them less, so they will not be suffocated.

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A natural vegetable garden

We start with putting at least 1 year old manure (3 kg per square meter) on the soil, then mulching with straw/hay/leaves) so the soil can start to improve. Early spring, after the last heavy frost, we sow green manures, which we cut in April as a mulch layer. In summer time we build up the mulch layer up to 20 cm, so the vegetables can survive the hot climate without any rain. In autumn we sow green manures which can stand the cold climate.

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Seed balls

Clay balls or seed bombs are our best friends to improve the soil quality. We put in a mixture of trees and bushes, a combination of different vegetables, or use them to sow a variety of green manure. They are also used to reforest big areas. Once made, you can store them up to 6 months. They will automatically sprout after some good rain.

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A journey

Nature has its own rhythm and takes time.

We can not expect that a depleted piece of land will turn into an oasis just by throwing a few seed balls.

It asks love, dedication, presence, observation and natural action. 

Winter 2021

October 2022

Land before

Land before

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When we started last winter:

- A very rocky compacted soil.

- Dry land with only almond trees and a few weeds.

- We removed the rocks in the first part of the land. 

photo_2022-11-08 21.56.12.jpeg

The plot of land in October compared to the neighbors plot (left):

- We removed the rocks.

- We protected it from livestock to eat all the vegetation.

- We planted 50+ new trees.