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Buying local - In line with nature

Supporting our local economy

We live in an area in the mountains with very little opportunities for young people. Almost 70% of the people who live here permanently are elders. The people who do have a small business receive very little income for their hard, mostly manual labor.

Most of the products are sold at very low prices to big companies.


We want to see this change.


We would like to see a thriving village with opportunities for the next generation. We would like to see farmers and producers who receive a fair income to support their families. And we would like to see more biodiversity again in an area on the verge of desertification. 

To establish this, we are supporting existing local projects, local entrepreneurs and producers, we want to collaborate more with the local environmental agents and we want to help to create more opportunities for young people.

At the moment we are following up on different possibilities.

Very soon we will share more about it on this page.

Stay tuned! 

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