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Green manure seeds

Contributing to a new economy
through action in line with nature


We  contribute to an economy, in line with nature, where everyone's basic needs are met and collaborations are based on appreciation for each other, doing things together again and equality.

We grow food using the principles of natural far
We contribute to the basic needs of our local and global community.

We inspire, share our practical experience and skills and support people we care for (especially the next generation) 
and all this completely on donatio
n base.
It is possible to create a new economy, and that economy s
tarts with us and every practical decision we make.
Seedballs - Natural Farming

Natural Farming

Natural Farming helps you to understand the difference between our current economy and how nature works. It awakens the soil, restores desertified areas and prevents them, and contributes to a healthy planet. It is so simple that it seems impossible, and yet it is the most natural way to grow our food.

Events, online courses and video inspiration 

Event: Builders of a New World - In line with nature
Natural Farming, Community and Economy in Line with Nature
Interview with Ownstream - Replay from July 7, 2023

We love it when people bring out the best of us. Stephen and Theresa definitely know how to ask questions! This interview was undoubtedly spicy and fierce. 

For this interview we respect Ownstreams policy to ask for a min. 5 dollar donation.


Online courses about Natural Farming
Learn Online about natural farming
Practical programs


Start your own Natural Vegetable garden, Learn how to make and how to apply seed balls, Grow natural trees, Learn how to mulch in dry climates. These programs help you to get started with practical tips. All available on donation base.

Natural Farming Event in Spain March 2023
Audio and videos
of the Natural Farming weekend with Kutluhan Ozdemir 11-12 March in Spain

Listen to all the valuable information Kutluhan shared during this precious weekend about seeds, real trees, awakening the soil, and much more. This includes 7hours of audio material and a couple of short practical videos. Donations go to the support of natural farming. 

Community: Music, art and food


Community about working together, supporting one another and developing friendships.

We can accomplish so many things when we all step up, use our skills as a combined force and truly learn how to do things together again. 

Community projects

Water, food and shelter are the most important basic needs for every individual. We want to make sure in our own community, all these are covered. Besides that we want to re-green the area where we live and support the local producers.

We help where we can, in our unique way and contribute to the support of the needs of the people around us. We restore broken systems that provide these needs.

Read more about how we practically do this.

In Line With Nature - Online event: Update 1 year in Spain
Update: One year celebration
Online event with Evi & Matthias
May 27, 2023 - Watch the replay.

This event is all about our personal journey here in Spain. We took a deep desire with us, slowly we see this dream coming alive.


New economy

An economy that takes care of the needs of every being. We work completely by donation, develop applications that support the well being of everyone like food security and make different decisions in line with the change we want to see.

Applications and practial tips

Skill SwApp
Skill Swapp

Skill SwApp is a place where you can offer your gifts and talents or ask for what you need.

Food Wallet
Food Wallet - V2 out now!

Build your own food communities.
Food Wallet helps you to connect locally and maintain food security for everyone.

Natural seeds
Making different decisions

If we want our life and this society to change, we have to change our behavior and actions.

Ecological building with recycled materials

Encouraging young people

Our youngsters are the future of this planet.

We like to encourage them to do what they really want to do.

Natural farming in the mountains

Support us

Inspired by Freely Given, everything we do, we do on appreciation/donation base.

You can choose the amount you would like to give to appreciate our online programs about natural farming, our events, apps, videos and the work we do to support our community.

There is no minimum, so everything is accessible for everyone.

With your donations we are able to cover our overhead costs, we make change happen in our own communities both locally and globally and we support Natural Farming.

Giving becomes a thriving action of joy, supporting the change we want to see.


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