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Green manure seeds

In Line With Nature

Contributing to a new economy
through action in line with nature


​We invest in an economy based on appreciation, equality and togetherness.

Our decisions and actions create the economy we want to see,

instead of maintaining a system, that is far removed from nature.

We are:

  • Creating a Natural Farm and inspire others

  • Working together with and supporting the basic needs of our our local community

  • Investing in projects that contribute to the well being of everyone

  • Creating technology you can use to cover your own basic needs despite your personal circumstances

  • Investing in and encouraging young people 


Upcoming event: 
Laboratory Natural Farming with Kutluhan Ozdemir.
11-12 March 2023  Bullas (Murcia) Spain

No plowing, no fertilizing, no weeding, no pesticides, no pruning trees. 

And yet, there is a rich harvest to be shared, enjoying the natural abundance of nature. How is this possible?


Learn how to trust and cooperate with nature.

Kutluhan Özdemir traveled and lived all over the world between 2014-2021 on natural farms started by students from Masanobu Fukuoka (the founder of Natural Farming).

During this weekend you will learn about natural farming, we will start up a new vegetable garden and learn how to make seed bombs which you can take home.

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In Line WIth Nature house_edited.jpg

We work completely on appreciation base

Inspired by Freely Given, everything we do, we do on appreciation/donation base.

This means we share our enthusiasm, love, care, time and work and you can support us by giving an appreciation or donation.

With your donations we can make this change happen in our own environment both locally and globally. 

Giving becomes a thriving action of joy, supporting the change we want to see.


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