What is Freely Given?

Freely given is the currency of nature. Nowadays, it is not easy to imagine how we can live a rich life other than through the current financial system. But very soon, we will be invited to choose and explore different options. More and more alternative initiatives arise such as: donations, exchange, cryptocurrency, valuation, barter, ...

In recent years, we ourselves have experienced that we lacked nothing and we always received what we needed.


We are very much inspired by the English podcast of :Jacqueline-Fay: Hobbs – Oracle Girl, you find below, which clarifies the ‘Freely Given’ principle and other donation options. The interviewer is Elaira Tickute.


We transcribed a piece of the podcast:  

“Everything that keeps you alive and getting up in the morning is freely given. The minute I say that word people go into idea of charities, donation, and all the business structures and tax and economic ideas and structures.

But actually giving freely is the wind that blows in your face. It is the deep breath you take as you dive into the ocean. The movement of your eyes as you open them in the morning on waking. It is the feeling of sand beneath your toes as you walk across a beach with no footwear on. Given freely is the movement of this universe that naturally shapes, inspires and triggers you to initiate something out of your own personal reservoir of joy and inspiration.”


How am I gonna do that?

“You share the idea. The currency starts to flow behind that inspiration, which is pure love, joy in dynamic movement, and then people organize themselves around the collaboration which seems to keep that joy and love, that currency of care flowing. People get depressed if they notice that flow disappearing or the energetics of the situation going down and feeling heavier and then they interact more into the determination to weed out what is getting in the way so that currency of care flows more. And then what they produce and bring into materialization naturally brings money or whatever currency is being used because it is so damn enticing, wonderful, extremely exciting to be involved with, and people just can't stop themselves. They want more because it is so free and pure.

And then, we bring in the technology, the data collection and the finance collection networks which are healthy, that are based in egalitarian and motional beneficial principles to make that actually further and continue, the more people we find want to cooperate with us. That is how it works.”


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