Organic Vegetables

Exchanging food
is the future

FOOD WALLET is a tool to use on your mobile or desktop to exchange excess (organic) food. 

When you look at nature, it is abundantly providing. One seed can turn into a plant which gives thousands of new seeds. This is far from our current economic system.

We believe everyone has the right to cover their basic need for healthy food. ​

This time urges everyone to take matters into their own hands and use healthy technology to connect, share, exchange…

We want this process to happen naturally without forcing it. Sharing food is very local. We can't possibly set up networks around this, but we do offer the technology that allows people to do this themselves, so that many more people can benefit.

We would like to create a network of growers and sharers, and give people the possibility to find each other, grow together and share food and land in their own neighborhood. To make this happen, we need you as a steward in your own local environment!