Choosing a natural way of farming

Every single being on this planet has the right to enjoy healthy food!

We want to be part of this, in our own way, by working more in co-creation with nature. We love Masanobu Fokuoka's vision and natural way of farming and the principles of permaculture, which we will implement in our food forest. 

Spain is the 'vegetable garden' of Europe with mostly mono cultivation crops and many pesticides being used. This means most soils are depleted, soon turning into a desert landscape.

We believe every soil can be turned into a green paradise. 

We started our experiment small, just a piece on our plot of land of 7500m2, with existing almond trees. We cleaned up many rocks which were on the land, planted a variety of fruit trees and berry bushes. We, together with the new plants, are adapting to the Spanish climate and learning every day. Our next focus is water, creating a self-sufficient design for our food forest where rain, grey water and hopefully the spring downstairs are used to change the landscape and revitalizing the soil.

A new Food Forest in Spain

Voedselbos - 7.jpeg

We are planting many support trees so the leaves will turn into compost for the soil. This helps to slowly change this dry landscape into a green oasis.

Healthy technology is helping us. We use Growboxxes to support our trees, which are especially created to grow in mountains and harsh climates.


We have no experience, we have no idea what we are doing, but we are doing it, without having any expectations about results.

If we can do it, anyone can do it! 

Our forest is also a community project. 

The harvest will be shared on appreciation base with the local community and we hope to welcome volunteers in the future. 

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