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Choosing a natural way of farming

Every single being on this planet has the right to enjoy healthy food!

We want to be part of this, in our own way, by working more in co-creation with nature. We love Masanobu Fokuoka's vision and natural way of farming, which we will implement for our food forest. 

Spain is the 'vegetable garden' of Europe with mostly mono cultivation crops and many many pesticides being used. This means most soils are depleted, soon turning into a desert landscape.

We believe every soil can be turned into a green paradise. 

We start our experiment small, on a plot of land of 7500m2, with existing almond trees. At the moment we are cleaning up the many rocks which are on the land, planting a variety of fruit trees and berry bushes. Diversity is key. 

The harvest will be shared on appreciation base with the local community.

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When we started, we had no idea how to grow food. There was just an inner impulse to put seeds in the ground and see what happened. Nature guided us and after just a few months we were eating healthy food out of our garden.

It doesn't need to be perfect. Co-creating with nature means observation, looking for natural solutions and surrendering yourself to the force of nature itself as an ally instead of an enemy. Acting in each moment upon what needs to be done. 

It is a matter of getting started. Buy seeds, make sure you have a piece of land to work on or combine forces with neighbors. There are so many possibilities to become independent and grow your own food.

In September 2020 we started a community in Belgium and developed our garden project. The garden was beautiful but there was only grass, so we wanted to make it more biodiverse and co-create a song with the land. In april we prepared the soil with the No Dig method. After just a few months, we were harvesting food and able to share with neighbors, friends and visitors.

After one year, we decided to move to Spain and start a new growing adventure. So here we are, at the beginning of new food forest!

More and more we will post video's and pictures of our Spanish journey on this page! Besides that, you find a few older video's and pictures from our Belgian garden.