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Cleaning the blackberry bushes

Contribuyendo a una nueva economía

A través de acciones muy prácticas, apoyamos una economía

donde se satisfacen las necesidades básicas de las personas,

Las interacciones humanas son más importantes que el dinero.

y la gente se apoya unas a otras.

In line with nature


Planting potatoes We have been planting potatoes in different ways. Some potatoes have been cut, this is how they do it here, to get more harvest. Others, we just planted in their natural form, which felt much better. So interesting to feel the difference between the manipulated and natural way in our bodies. In one spot we planted them 5 cm under the soil and covered them with straw to keep the soil moist. In another one, inspired by Ruth Stout, we simply laid them down and covered them with a thick layer of straw. In this area, instead of seed potatoes, we used the red potatoes we bought from the locals last year that had grown a lot of roots over winter. We had way more fun with this planting method, and forgot about filming it. 😉 Curious about how nature will take care of our spontaneous action. #naturalfarming #fukuoka #inlinewithnature #plantingpotatoes In line with nature Natural Farming - Community - Supporting young people - Food security for everyone - Living and working on appreciation base Online courses - events - inspiration ​We contribute to the basic needs of our local and global community, we grow food using the principles of natural farming. We inspire, share our practical experience and support (especially the next generation) and all this completely on donation base. It is possible to create a new economy, and that economy starts with us and every practical decision we make.
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