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La agricultura natural despierta el suelo, restaura y previene la desertificación
y contribuye a un planeta saludable y biodiverso.

Inspirándonos en Masanobu Fukuoka, sabíamos que habría: sin arar, sin desmalezar, sin fertilizar y sin productos químicos.

No se pueden podar los árboles nuevos sembrados ni regar después de 4-5 años.

Un pequeño huerto natural de 7500m2, basado en los principios de la agricultura natural.

Nos centramos en 2 proyectos: un bosque alimentario natural y un huerto natural.

Un viaje transformador

Este jardín es específico para nuestro terreno, que tiene inclinación. Por eso decidimos construir terrazas. Siga el progreso de la huerta y la mejora de la calidad del suelo.

Scherm­afbeelding 2024-03-03 om 11.36.24.png

Time to wake up

We have become far removed from our own nature in believing that we have to control and manipulate, use fertilizers, or buy expensive technological things to cultivate our own food. When you apply natural farming, you understand that all this is really unnecessary and we can simply trust nature and go back to simplicity. Applying natural farming helps and challenges you to let go ideas, convictions, belief systems, methods and so on. It is a joyful process between you and nature, inviting you to go within, meeting yourself in that silent space and act from that inner knowing, that for such a long time has been silenced by societal noise.

We start with helping the soil to become rich, fertile and alive. She is hungry so we feed her by integrating as much biodiversity as we can. She will awaken and provide us with so much abundance, there is enough for everyone.

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