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What is community for us?

It is a natural openness to support where we can, based on respect and love for the people we care for,

while staying true to our own boundaries.

It is a gathering of people with the same resonance. 

It is a natural knowing that everything is connected:

In the end there are no separate projects, but everything is part of a communal whole.

A common wish and desire to live more in line with nature moves us,

which goes beyond all superficial differences, connecting on a deeper level.

We are neighbors, but also live in differents parts of the world, we all live separately,

and yet we are connected, we are community <3

We support local and global community projects

Ongoing projects

Restoring the spring
(Project facilitated by In Line with Nature)

Water is a basic need for everyone. If we want to reshape our landscapes, and turn dry lands into abundant vegetation, we need water and learn how to work together with nature again. 

Our piece of land is dry land. We choose this consciously to start our project, because we believe that so much more than only almond trees can grow here. Over time, nature will be able to sustain the landscape without extra help. 

There is a spring downstairs the road, from which the pipes are broken. This means currently the water is lost. As this is a local spring and no 'official drinking water', the town hall is not responsible. 

So... We want to take healthy action and take the steering wheel in our own hands.

We want to fix the spring so everyone in our little hub can use this water again! And you can make this happen!

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Helping the local community house (Local project)

Casa Marabella is the local community house, where a lot of people stayed. The doors where always open on donation base, so everyone has been welcome. Up until now the owner was able to pay all taxes from the donations, but due to leaks in the roof and the terrace there are severe damages in the house. The solar panel system needs replacement too. We stayed in this house for 6 months, during the reformations of our own house, building a relationship with the owner and coordinator, so we want to support them with the reformations, set up a crowdfunding and spread the word in our local network. By doing this, the house will be available for many (young) people in the future who want to learn more about a new economy, permaculture, self sustainability, food forests, and get to know the projects of our local community here like ecological construction, wood craft workshops,...

Finished projects

Setting up a crowdfunding to protect the Valley (Local project)

When we heard this beautiful piece of land in the valley, 5 min from our own house would be sold to hunters and used for commercial agriculture, we felt a deep NO.

We helped the neighbors with the set up of their association and made the video for a crowdfunding, in the hope to do a counter offer on the land.


We would love to thank everyone who donated for and supported this project. Unfortunately we were not able to do a counter offer and the owners agreed to sell the land to the other party. Our neighbors decided to refund all donations. We recently heard the final signature is not being placed, because of legal aspects, so for now, nothing is happening with the land. We will see what the future brings, and we don't hesitate to act when necessary to protect this amazing spot in the mountains. 

A new website for BioSegura (Local project)

BioSegura organizes many activities which are contributing to a strong network amongst organic farmers and like minded people. They weekly deliver organic local food at your doorstep in the Murcia province, they established a seed bank with over 2000 varieties, educate in schools, organise open doors at their suppliers, are co-founders of the Vecinos Campesinos label which​ promotes a different marketing model, based on trust and participation, where the rapprochement, knowledge and exchange between producers and consumers is simpler, closer and more real.

As we believe food security and local networks will be so important in the future, we created a new website for BioSegura to help them become more visible.