Our new home

We found a house in the Spanish mountains and met like-hearted people to co-create on the land. 

We are soooo excited to do many wonderful things together! We are still landing and in the middle of the buying process of our small house, which takes a couple of months, but we are already able to stay in the village to start growing!

Very soon we will share much more about our projects in the village.


  • Networking with local initiatives, to combine our forces

  • 'The Natural Way of farming' from Masanobu Fukuoka, a huge inspiration.

  • Preparing the land

  • Planting fruit trees, berries and strawberries.



Next up

  • ​Starting a seed bank

  • Re-establish the current abandoned 'huertos' or vegetable gardens

  • Setting up underground glasshouses to grow all year round and cultivate more 

  • Finding out more about new ways of growing

  • Planting a natural hedge to protect the land from wild boars

  • Prepare the communal oven for use

  • Cleaning up the communal building