What is community for us?

It is a natural openness to help where we can, based on respect and love for the people we care for.

It is a gathering of people with the same resonance. 

It is a natural knowing that everything is connected, there are no separate projects, but everything is part of a communal whole. 

There is a common wish and desire to live more in line with nature, which goes beyond all superficial differences and connects on a deeper level.

We are neighbors, we live separate, and yet we are connected, we are community <3



  • Networking with local initiatives and neighbors, to combine our forces

  • 'The Natural Way of farming' from Masanobu Fukuoka, a huge inspiration.

  • Preparing the land for the start up of our food forest. - JIPPIE!

  • Helping our neighbors with construction work for their house

  • Helping our neighbors with their land

  • Planting fruit trees, berries and strawberries.

  • Cleaning up the community house where we currently live


Next up

  • ​Starting a seed bank

  • Re-establish the current abandoned 'huertos' or vegetable gardens

  • Finding out more about new ways of growing

  • Planting a natural hedge to protect the land from wild boars

  • Prepare the communal oven for use

  • Cleaning up the communal building